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Clash of Clans Updates - October 2018

In this post we will update you with all latest news and updates about Clash of Clans. This article will be updated frequently based on new Clash of Clans Updates where I will share all rumors, unofficial and official statements to brief you about what you are going to get in the next update.

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Clash of Clans Updates

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Clash of Clans Updates - October 2018

Following are the latest news and updates about Clash of Clans:-

Maintenance Break starting in few hours - Oct 23, 2018

A maintenance break is going to take over which will affect the game for a while.

Balancing Update - October 22, 2018

This update has brought some balancing changes which may affect your game in some way or the other.
Balance Update
The balance change update has reduced:-

- Training Cost of Wall Breaker
- Training Cost of Golem [Gem donation decreased]
- Training Cost of Baby Dragon [Gem donation decreased]
- Training cost of Witch [Gem donation decreased]

If you want to get more details on balance update, then watch this video to get full information.

Introduction of Tornado Trap - October 20, 2018

Let me introduce the new Tornado Trap. If you place one of the Tornado Trap down, it's released vortex will draw the enemy troops, making to difficult to progress further. It will be available at TH11.
Tornado Trap
It will make some amount of damages, but we should not expect much from it.

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